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About WatchData

An innovative and fast method for interacting with multiple blockchains

Our way to Web3

When we entered the crypto market in 2016, we had already created a number of products for both the b2c and b2b segments. However, each time we developed a new solution, we were faced with the same core problem: how to interact with the blockchain and process data. That's why we decided to create WatchData.

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Meet our team

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Svyat, CEO
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CEO, and Product mentor. Crypto enthusiast. Extensive experience in product development and product launches.
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Gleb, Data Science
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Data Scientist and blockchain specialist (researcher). Education: higher, physicist. Worked on 100% digital fintech products.
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Andrew, Engineer
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Lead Python Developer. Higher education in physics and engineering. More than 8 years in IT. Development, machine learning, data analysis, SRE.
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Den, Engineer
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Higher engineering education, participant and winner of international hackathons like HackMoscow, leaders of digital, MLH. Software engineer, ex CFT.
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Alex, DevOps engineer
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Lead DevOps engineer. Expert in crypto. Scientific activities in the field of IT
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Nick, Product Manager
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Product manager. Higher economic and technical education. SaaS Product manager, in Crypto more than 6 years.
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Vitalii , Senior Product Designer
Pixels editor since 2008

More detailed information

TheWatch, Inc., a Delaware corporation, with offices at 2810 N Curch street PMB 14583, Wilmington city, DE, zip cod 19802-4447.
Phone number:
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+1 888 871 0916