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DeFi Analytics

You can get all token holders, all addresses that have interacted with a smart contract. The information on collections, their prices, and metadata.

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Get all transactions to an address with one request.

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Get all addresses that interacted with your smart contract.

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Get all the owners of your token.

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Integration with various protocols can be very time-consuming and expensive

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How to get the balances off all tokens in all networks, both in tokens themselves and in USD also with one request?

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Too little supported blockchains, and switching between them takes a lot of time and effort

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WatchData integrates APIs 10-100x faster to add more value to your product.

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Unified structured data API, allows to get any information from the blockchain in 1 click

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The WatchData makes it possible to add new blockchains in the shortest time by scaling the base of endpoints onto them.

Our features for DeFi protocols

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Get statistics

Get statistics for the day on the data that you care about - the volume of trade, the number of unique addresses, the number of transactions, and more!

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Get Notifications

Get callback notifications whenever there are any deposits or withdrawals to or from your addresses that you would like to be notified about.

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Create Transactions

You can use our managed service for setting up transactions where we take care of everything without compromising the security or integrity of your funds.

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Address Details

All transactions made from a particular address need to be able to have a proper tax report.