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On-chain metrics

Get the data for any ticker symbol in seconds.

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Metrics & Signals

Actionable on-chain market data.

Analytics dashboards and price trend notifications. Historical and live market data that can be easily obtained via the WatchData API

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Sometimes providers provide incorrect information, which can lead to losses for users

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Data processing is delayed and not in real time

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When working with the API, you have to interact with multiple endpoints to get the necessary information

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WatchData processes and gives only the most accurate and reliable information.

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All data you work with is processed in live mode

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Structured data engine helps you get all the information in 1 click

Our features for Crypto Investors

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Network metrics

Deep insight into the state and health of the networks, assets and activity such as hash rate, issuance, miner activity, fees, supply, asset and address activity.

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Market activity

Operate with confidence based upon deep data. Tag Exchanges and counterparties to watch their inflows and outflows to mitigate risk. Rank asset holders by size and activity.

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Key indicators

Backtest, monitor on-chain market fundamentals and catalysts so you are never caught off guard. Leverage NVT, asset adoption, uniques, risk adjusted returns, volatility and asset velocity to inform your decisions.

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Token prices

On-chain events and data for every token combined with Level I and Level II market data across the top exchanges enable intelligent operations with the context needed to be successful.