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Crypto Exchanges

The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Kit

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Crypto Exchange

Launch scalable crypto exchanges with top cryptocurrencies in days. Deposit addresses, get notifications for incoming transactions, create transactions (withdrawals), and more, are some of the features you could use in WatchData API.

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Current data infrastructure in the crypto space is inherently unreliable.

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Lack of solutions to support multiple blockchains

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Low speed of data processing, which impairs interaction for users

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Developed a forks handling mechanism and provide correct data in real time, without a delay of several blocks.

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Infrastructure that allows you to connect new EVMs like blockchain in a short period of time.

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Our infrastructure and technology stack allows to process 3 billion records for about a one second!

Our features for Crypto Exchange

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Deposit Addresses

Easily generate addresses in order to be able to accept and track crypto and other digital asset deposits.

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Exchange Rates

In addition to Blockchain data, you can use our Market data, as well, in order to obtain current and historical exchange rates. This will help you to easily work with both Crypto and Fiat values.

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Balances & Fees

Get information on balances, fees, and any other data on demand without having to manage or fetch vast blockchain databases and nodes.

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Get Notifications

Get callback notifications (webhooks) whenever there are any deposits or withdrawals to or from your addresses that you would like to be notified about.

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Create Transactions

You can use our managed service for setting up transactions where we take care of everything without compromising the security or integrity of your funds.