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WatchData lets you set up a secure, scalable and robust infrastructure for processing your Bitcoin blockchain data faster than ever before.

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30 000 000 000
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~ 10 min
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Mainnet, Testnet
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Build better Bitcoin apps with our APIs

If you want to build a Bitcoin-based application that's fast, reliable, and secure, use our APIs. We offer high throughputs, linear scaling, and low latency—so you can focus on building your application instead of trying to figure out how to make it work with Bitcoin.

Advantages of Bitcoin

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Digital Gold

Bitcoin is the fastest and most established of all coins which allows you to convert BTC to fiat without ever compromising security

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The Future of Money

Bitcoin accepted all over the world, especially by people in business, Bitcoin logo symbolizes the importance of digital payments for retailers.

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New World Currency

Bitcoin lets you send and receive money immediately, anywhere around the world, without losing money to expensive international transactions.

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You can also get in depth information about Bitcoin by visiting the docs.


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