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WatchData Node API

Raw data is the information transcribed into applicable and useful data needed for conducting thorough analysis and research.

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WatchData API suit

51.37 ms
146.62 ms

Compared endpoint - eth_getLogs. This endpoint returns an array of all logs matching a given filter object. A lower response time is better. Response time speeds based on the median values since April 25, 2022

What inside?

Ethereum API

No need to run your own node

Save costs on development and associated expenses

Call most JSON-RPC methods via our API in the same way as sending to your own node.

Supporting innovative blockchains

Data from leading blockchains assembled in a unified and convenient format

We are constantly adding new blockchains to our raw data feeds to keep pace with the industry and provide clients with real-time updates.

Web3 tools
WatchData dashboard

All in one place Dashboard

WatchData Dashboard allows you to keep track of your app at all times. It's an all-in-one dashboard for app health, performance and user behavior.

Build and create faster

Create your apps hassle-free

Access vast volumes of indexed data from any blockchain with complete reference on all key parameters and return values.

WatchData API speed

Fast & reliable API

Gain instant access to blocks, transactions,
and contracts using raw data

Get advantage of fast access for blocks, transactions and contracts using the raw data.

Need something special?We’re on it!

Just contact us! WatchData is a team of professional developers and cryptocurrency experts with years of extensive experience in building decentralized infrastructures,
and we’re constantly searching for ways to improve our solutions.

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